Parenting and loving a child who is not biologically yours.

About the Program...

During this course you will learn the - 9 Steps to Maximize your Education and Empowerment through the Adoption Process. Specially, we will go deep into each actions, mindset and process to have optimal success in each of the below steps;

  • Module I: Exploring different types of Adoptions

  • Module II: Researching Costs

  • Module III: Adoption Agency Selection

  • Module IV:Work with an agency

  • Module V: Completing the Home Study Process

  • Module VI:  Being matched with a child

  • Module VII: Prepare for your child and get organized/Placement in Your Home

  • Module VIII: Petition for Adoption

  • Module IX: Adoption Finalization

If you are interested in learning more about the "BORN FROM MY HEART ADOPTION" Program, please send me an email and we can set up a time to have a discussion.

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